Are you tired of yo-yo dieting and ready to lose weight and KEEP IT OFF?  

Do you wish you only had 1 size of clothes in your closet instead of 3 because you’re not really sure what will fit?  

You are NOT alone!  This was my journey through college.  I tried TONS of fad diets, eating low fat, low calories, and even reputable weight loss programs to lose weight.  NONE of it stuck.  

UNTIL I finally learned how much of each food group I should be eating each day AND the importance of effective workouts!   

How do I begin to lose weight?

1. Get Real with Yourself

Are you trying to lose weight quickly for an event, wear a certain size clothes, because someone said something nasty about your appearance, or so you are not the fat one in your group of friends?


Do you want to lose weight because you want to be healthy?  

It might seem like these are the same, but actually they can be very different.  If you are in the first category, you are more likely to follow some unhealthy practices for quick weight loss, which means the weight will more than likely come back.  

However, if you want to lose weight because you are primarily focused on health, your ability to keep that weight off permanently increases. 

Personally, when I started my fitness journey, it was to be skinny.  I had an ex-boyfriend call me fat, I was the fat one in our group of friends and I just wanted to be skinny.  

It took me YEARS to go from the “I want to be skinny” mindset to the “I want to be healthy” mentality.  


2. Mindset

As crazy as it sounds, how you speak to yourself in your mind is SUPER POWERFUL!  

If you do not think you can:

  • Lose weight
  • Learn how to eat healthy
  • Find exercise you enjoy
  • Learn self control
  • Stop stress eating…

You are right, and you won’t.  

So RIGHT NOW, you need to take an honest evaluation and ask yourself, “How do I speak to myself about weight loss?”  And if it is negative, ARE YOU WILLING TO CHANGE IT?  

I can give you all the tips and tricks you need to actually BE SUCCESSFUL to lose weight.  However, if you do not believe in yourself, it will not do you any good.

Do you need some suggestions for Mindset Growth?

Realistic and long term weight loss is best when you lose 1-2 lbs/ week and give your body time to adjust.


What exercise burns the most fat?

Honestly, the BEST exercise is the ONE you will actually do!  You may have to try multiple types of exercise and surroundings to find something you enjoy and will STICK WITH!  

3. Cardio

I use to be a cardio queen teaching 5 cardio type classes a week. Cardiovascular exercise is a great way to work your heart muscle and burn calories.  This blog will contain affiliate links so you know EXACTLY what worked for me and helped me get in the best shape of my life, go through 3 pregnancies and KEEP it off long term.   

Cardio Options:

However, I quickly learned that cardio alone was not helping me lose weight or tone my body like I wanted.

4. Weight Lifting


Usually I find women are intimidated by weight lifting because they either have not used them before or were not taught proper exercise for most effectiveness.  If you are not comfortable lifting weights or do not know what to do to lift weights effectively, it can definitely be frustrating.

However, I HIGHLY recommend you give this serious consideration.  It was the one thing that helped me lose weight, lose belly fat, lose body fat and get in the BEST shape of my life.    

For me, once I followed a specific weight lifting routine that taught me proper form, how much weight to use, what exercises to do, how many reps, I felt confident in lifting weights and I was seeing the results I wanted.  My husband even said to me, “Don’t stop doing whatever you’re doing!”

I DEFINITELY recommend having a plan for your weight lifting.  Even though I was a personal trainer, yet I did not see the fat loss and weight loss I wanted until I followed a specific workout program.  A bonus is that it was cheaper than working with a personal trainer.


The best service I’ve found is to stream all of my weight lifting workouts and my cardio workouts through Beachbody on Demand. Plus see a ‘behind the scenes’ look at how Beachbody on Demand works.  

If you are interested I can even tell you what specific workouts have worked the best for me.

5.  Yoga / Pilates

Yoga and Pilates have tremendous benefits for your body.  The stretching they provide for me is what I enjoy most. My body feels very pliable and oxygenated afterwards.    


6.  Environment

There are a variety of locations where you can work out.  You need to try a variety to see what is best for you to be committed.

  • Fitness Center – doing cardio and/or weight lifting on your own
  • Fitness Center Classes – cardio, weight lifting, yoga, pilates, spin
  • Crossfit Studio
  • Pure Barre 
  • Orange Theory 
  • Local gym studios – sometimes they will specialize, so see what’s in your area
  • At – Home  – If you choose this option, I recommend you have some equipment at home, or stream workouts .
  • Accountability is KEY!!!  Make sure it’s accountability with someone who already has a history of being consistent with their own fitness journey.  This way when you want to give up, they won’t let you give in!  (If you are looking for someone, I can help you in that area!  Drop me a line or comment at the end!)


Surprised to see this one on the list?

It is true.  Your body needs adequate sleep to have effective weight loss.  

Seven to eight hours of sleep is recommended per night.  I can hear you scoffing already!

Seriously though, think about this.  If the body requires 7 hours of sleep to function the best, and you are only getting 6 hours of sleep each night for 1 week, that means you are short 1 hour of sleep.  By the end of the week, you have lost 7 hours of sleep, which is an entire night of sleep!

I know making sure you get enough sleep is tough.  However, I strongly encourage a listen to The Chalene Show podcast episode 235 – How Sleep Deprivation Affects Weight Gain with Dr Michael Breus Part 1.

What is the best way to lose belly fat?

I am about to tell you something you probably do not want to hear, but you already know.  The best way to lose belly fat is to be very mindful about what you put in your mouth! You can workout like a crazy person, however, if you do not FEED your body correctly, you will not lose belly fat the way you want.  

8. Know your Portions

Even though I was already eating healthy, I learned that I was over eating in healthy carbs, fruits and healthy fats and under eating in veggies! Once I found the right portions and how much I should have each day, I lost my belly fat, weight, I never went into a meal starving or overate, and I lost my mom gut! I learned how to do that through the portion controlled containers. Finally, they taught me how to eat to be healthy, which gave me the weight loss that had been eluding me for years. There is a way to easily figure out how much of each food group you should have each day. The best part is that YOU get to choose from the extensive nutrition list and when you eat them! Find snack ideas here!

9.  Eat by these Mottos

Here are a few of my favorite mottos that help me with healthy eating and portions.

  • WATER! – Drink half your body weight, in ounces, of water each day.
  • Eat breakfast – People with a consistent breakfast have better success with weight loss.
  • EAT more VEGGIES!  Make veggies the base of your meal.  Eat them first and MOST!
  • Dinner and Done – Put a “CLOSED” sign on your fridge after dinner if you must!
  • Don’t drink your calories – Stick with water and eat your calories instead.
  • Keep it realistic to your life – If you completely take out a food group, it is not realistic that you will never eat it again.  Instead, maybe you choose not to buy certain foods that you feel you cannot control yourself around. Find an alternative food that satisfies this craving, or be disciplined in portioning out when you eat it.
  • Treat Fruits as carbs – YES overeating in fruits amounts to excess sugars in your body.  
  • Choose your treats carefully!!
    I LOVE chocolate, brownies and ice cream.  However I have learned that not all of these foods are created equal.
    Therefore, I can easily pass up Hershey’s for Dark Chocolate Doves or Dark Chocolate Almond Bark Thins.
    My favorite brownies are Ghirardelli Dark Chocolate brownies, so I will pass on all others!
    I can pass on pizza I do not care for during the week, so I do not feel bad eating my Pizza Hut thin and crispy with extra sauce on the weekend.
    Maybe you choose wine over chocolate. Whatever it is, FIND your favorites and pass on the junk calories that just taste “ok” to you!

How can I lose fat quickly?

10.  Track your results

The scale will NOT always show you the full picture of the changes that are happening in your body. Especially when you focus on health vs weight loss, there are factors you cannot always see. That can be very frustrating when you start on your journey and the scale has not moved in a week or two.  

This is why I recommend a variety of ways to check your progress.  

Every 30 days:

  • Weight
  • Measurements
  • Pictures – I know you do not want to do this one, but it is truly motivational for you to see the results.  You will not always notice the changes from day to day. Trust me, you will if you compare them every 30 days.  

Once or twice a year:

  • Blood pressure
  • Blood sugar
  • Cholesterol profile (including HDL, triglycerides)


Weight loss and health are a journey!  It is something you work on everyday. The goal is to be better a little bit each day to help your body function to its full potential!  Start talking to yourself in a positive voice, find the right type of exercise you enjoy, learn how to eat for optimal health and track your results!  


Please pass this blog onto anyone you know that would benefit.  Also, I would love to hear from you if you have any questions or comments.

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