3 Diet Myths BUSTED!

Interested in learning some quick weight loss tips that will help you lose weight and feel good about yourself?
lunapic_135016620788122_21. Women who lift weights will get bulky – NOT TRUE! Lifting weights help women get lean, toned muscles. Guys will add muscle size when they lift because of their higher testosterone levels.
Actually the more muscle you have the more fat you’ll burn and the more weight you’ll lose!
I got in the BEST shape of my life lifting HEAVY WEIGHTS! I lost more fat, dropped 3 dress sizes, have muscle definition and am wearing the smallest size clothes EVER! Check out my story or watch my video!
2. To get flat abScreen Shot 2013-04-08 at 10.29.58 AMs I have to do 100 sit ups – FALSE! 
Abs are made in the gym but defined in the kitchen! You need to train the muscle for sure to build the 6-pack. But to see the 6-pack you need to do cardio training and EAT CLEAN! If you can’t burn the fat, you won’t see the muscle!
Here are some ab exercises to try.
3. Focus only on my calorie and fat intake – Do you need to pay attention to these, yes, but is it all you focus on? NO! You need to pay attention to protein as well! I will choose a greek yogurt with more calories over a low-fat yogurt because I’m getting DOUBLE the protein for less than double the calories!
Also it’s SUPER important to get in a good amount of protein within an hour after a workout, especially if you’re lifting weights! This helps prevent soreness and build that muscle back! It’s like feeding the muscle at a time where it’s more “open” to receive the nutrients!
If you’re not currently tracking your food, I HIGHLY suggest you try MyFitnessPal. They even have an app for that!

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