Ever have a hard time coming up with a dinner idea? Or have you wanted to start eating healthier dinners but collecting new recipes seems overwhelming?
Here’s my tip of the day: cookbook
1. Get an empty binder and sleeve protector sheets.
Then you can use pieces of paper, sometimes I use notecards, or print recipes right from the computer.
2. Start doing ONE new, healthy recipe a week and ONLY if you like it, add it to your new cookbook! Only add things that you like and will eat again! This way it becomes your go-to cookbook! And by doing at least one per week, at the end of the year you’ll have 52 healthy recipes! Not overwhelming and doable!
Now where do you go for healthy recipes??
Try Skinnytaste
My page of recipes
Easy Southwest Chicken Crockpot
Easy, Healthy Chili
Shakeology website – Scroll down to The Eating Plan. There will be snack, breakfast, lunch, dinner ideas in a pdf document for you to try as well.
**Want to check out a website with WAY MORE resources and free printables? Check out Mom’s by Heart!

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