Hi there! My name is Antwanette, and this is me not so long ago.

I looked at myself and I began to sigh,

Wondering how, when and why.

As I sat in my house on a cold winter day, thinking how I could be redeemed,

I heard a voice from the fitness world say,

“Come on baby, let’s get Extreme!”

Her name was Chalene, and she knew for a fact that her program any person could do

So I gave it try, and guess what?

It’s true!

I was able to lose 8 pounds you see. I could never top that,

But now I’m 9 percent body fat!

I’m meaner, I’m leaner, all because of one rule I condone-

“Go heavy, or go home!”

I feel absolutely supreme

And I just want to say

Thanks Chalene!

By the way, you didn’t think I was done with rhyme?

I have to take a moment and show you what I look like

Now at the present time.

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