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Being a Beachbody Coach has CHANGED our life! When we had our first daughter we knew that I was going to be a stay at home mom. But that meant one income and a tight budget! I knew I wanted to help out in a small way so we could afford to go out to dinner and not have to count every penny. I started coaching and was soon able to help pay small bills, then the grocery bill, then the mortgage, and MORE! I love coaching because it has improved every area of my life! I’m able to do my work form home, when my girls are napping or in bed, it keeps me accountable to my workouts and healthy eating and it’s helped our family out tremendously financially! We’ve been able to take Disney trips, save money in our retirement, invest money for the girls education and MORE!
Coaching has been such a blessing in our lives I want to share it with you too!

Click HERE for my Video Series that answers the questions:

What does a coach do?
How much time do I need?
Do I have to be a salesperson?? How do I use social media without being salesy?
What happens if I don’t know a lot of people?
Do I have to be a fitness professional or in perfect shape?
How much does it cost to join?
What’s the deal with challenge groups?
A day in the life of a coach.

My Story and what I do daily as a coach
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Here is the 20 min “What is Coaching?” Video. This video is hosted by Jenelle and Cory who are both friends of mine and very successful, 6 & 7 figure earning coaches who continue to help us with our trainings.

What is Team Beachbody all about?

List of Basic Info:

– Your job is to help people who are looking for a health/fitness solution, help them find the right workout program for them, guide them in their workouts, provide encouragement and accountability.
**Best part is you don’t have to create the workout routines and eating plans. Our job is to help our customer find the right fit for them and to plug them into a program that we already know will work!
– We encourage, motivate, inspire, and help keep them accountable to their fitness and nutrition goals to help them reach the goals they set for themselves!
– You get to choose how much you want to do with coaching. You can use it as a way to save money, you can just get paid when you have some one who wants to order, you can grow a team to increase your income. And you can fluctuate between any of these at anytime depending on what YOU want from this!
– No time requirement each week. You choose how many hours day/week you want to “work.” I will help you set up a schedule of time based on the goals you want to achieve.
– Beachbody is a HIGHLY reputable company w/products featured on news media, in magazines, on talk shows, used by celeb’s, etc. that produces the workout programs and nutrition plans.
– 2 main ways to create income – commissions and team cycle bonus. But the residual income that people rely on, is all built through team cycle bonus, not commission.
– 25% discounts on all products and programs
– First access to all new products and programs
– No pressure to make sales (no sales quota), increase to grow the business.. if you WANT to work it great, if not or not right now, that’s cool too..enjoy the discounts!
– Team Cycle Bonus, paid weekly, if you decide to build a team
– Also if you build a team, you can get customers from the company. People who purchase the workout programs online or from an infomercial.
– 25% commissions on any sales from your site
– No stocking of product, or shipping products, or dealing with customer service issues
– No need for home parties (unless you want to, but that’s not necessary for success.)
– Upon signing up, I send out a Welcome Email with info to get you started. In there are short training videos that you start with. Then we set up a call to answer questions and for me to give you next steps.
– We have a 21 day Coach Basics Training that we get you plugged into right away to get you “on the job training”, help you know what to do to be successful.
– Free trainings, webinars, conference calls you can attend if you want to learn to be successful. There is always on-going training to help you.
– I’d be your mentor, so any questions/struggles you have, I’m here to help! I have a private FB page for the coaches on my team. I check in there daily and provide resources, answer questions, weekly updates.
– HUGE support system from other coaches online!! You will feel like you have a whole new family!
– I run accountability groups to help people and keep them accountable to their fitness. I usually run 21 day groups and this is something I invite my coaches to do with me so you don’t have to run your own.
– Start up is just $39.95 and then you pay $15.95/month as a website fee (these are your retail websites, your online “office” and trainings that are in our “office.”)
*Unless you purchase a challenge pack and then this $39.95 fee is waived.
(A challenge pack is a workout program or All Access Streaming of all programs and Shakeology / Performance line (pre & Post workout drinks)/ Daily Sunshine bundled together at a discounted price of $160 with only a $2 shipping charge.)
**Same prices for UK but in £.
– All fees are waived for retired military and for active military or spouse
– You can cancel at any time.. no obligation to stay in or penalty fees or anything like that 🙂

What’s Shakeology all about?

Click here to find out 🙂

INTERESTED IN COACHING?  Click HERE to fill out the application!

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