Coach Sneak Peek Videos


Here are the videos I’ve done to answer questions various questions about coaching. I usually run these in a 5 day Coach Sneak Peek Group for our team, Team Shine. So if you hear me mention either one of those, I wanted you to know why!
These are in no particular order. Watch the ones that interest you!

My Story and what I do daily as a coach
My Hesitations about Becoming a Coach

My Story

What does a coach do

How to use Social Media Effectively

How do you make money as a BB coach

How much time do I need?

3 Vital Behaviors

Do I have to be a fitness professional or in perfect shape?

Do I have to be a salesperson?? I don’t know a lot of people.

How do I sign up and what are my first steps

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Looking forward to hearing from you!

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