I’m a wife, a mom of 3 kids, I work part time from home and I’ve been asked, “So how do you have time to eat healthy?”

I’m going to tell you what I do to make HEALTHY eating a priority!

First: I’m a creature of habit.

So once I find something I like, I eat it often! You’ll see that below!

Second: Planning is Key!

I make a list of dinners I want to have for the week. Then I build my grocery list around those meals. We go to the grocery store once a week. (maybe a mid week trip for more fruit)
I have a pre-made grocery store list of most of our staples that we get each week posted in my kitchen to make easy additions to and it’s in the order of the layout of the grocery store!

Third: Eating Times

My goal is to eat every 3-4 hours. So my routine is usually:
6:45 am – wake up, workout, shower (if I’m super hungry I’ll eat about half a greek yogurt before my workout)
8 am – kids get up
8:30 am – breakfast
12 pm – lunch
3:30 pm – snack
6:30 pm – Dinner
9 pm – snack if hungry

My Menu:

I drink Shakeology every morning for breakfast. It’s chocolate, it tastes great and it keeps me full. I’m sold!


Fruit with left overs from the night before dinner or here are a few of my quick lunches that I like to have: Salad or here’s one with chicken and avocados.


Usually greek yogurt or sometimes another Shakeology! (the reason is because I’m hungry, we usually eat a later dinner because of our schedule and I need something that will keep me full.)

**greek yogurt – if you can try plain and mix it with honey! Much better option.
I prefer Chobani Strawberry and Banana – but ALL greek yogurt is different and even within the brand it varies. So try a few to find the one(s) you like.


We have chicken, pork or beef. Most of the time it’s chicken! Here’s one of my favorite dinners, chicken quesadillas.

I also have more of my recipes here: (make sure you click the NEXT button at the bottom!)


I get a bunch of fresh green beans and steam them at the beginning of the week and then we eat them all week long. I do the same for sweet potatoes too! I peel, cut the potatoes in chucks and then steam them.

I do like my sweets. My go-to sweets that give me my chocolate fix but don’t make me feel guilty are:
-Smart Ones ice cream
-Martha White muffins (I get the chocolate chocolate chip)
-Dove Chocolate (1 or 2 pieces)
-Fiber One 90 calorie brownies
-Milkway or Snicker miniature ice cream bars 80-90 calories each!
Shakeology Balls – They’re awesome and I make them all the time.

I hope this helps!! Please contact me with any questions!

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