Throughout the glorious high school days I was an athlete playing at least 2 sports each year. Because of this, exercise has always been a major part of my life and fortunately I haven’t struggled with significant weight gains throughout my life.
During my 1st pregnancy I continued to exercise and gained an appropriate amount of weight. After, it seemed to come off fairly quickly but it never toned up into a healthy looking figure I would have liked. I got pregnant a second time but this time I didn’t work out as often as with the first. After she was born, the weight definitely did not come off as quickly as wtih my first child. When it finally did, there did not seem to be much muscle tone to my body!
So although my number on the scale wasn’t bad for my height, my muscle mass was lacking. I began to recommit myself to exercise and setting personal goals to start and finish any workout routine I began. I started with Chalean Extreme, a great muscle builder that’s fun and doesn’t take up too much time (who has that with 2 kids, a husband, and a full time job!).
After completing that program I set another personal goal – P90X! Although these workouts were much longer and took more time, it was again a goal of mine to complete. This program is a great way to truly see how you are capable of so much more than you ever thought if you just set your mind to finish! It was such a sense of accomplishment for myself when I completed that program. It was rewarding to experience what was difficult at the start, was easier (not easy!) at the end!
Then I needed a change from the heavy lifting and I returned to Chalene, but this time for TurboFire. Talk about a fun workout! These workouts were great because they really built up my cardiovascular level of fitness and I noticed a nice change in the belly muscles! I had muscle tone there I never knew existed! Again, that rewarding sense of accomplishment to see muscle form without flexing!
So, although I haven’t experienced huge weight loss (but I am smaller now than high school!) I experienced muscle toning and definition throughout my arms, back, abdomen, and booty! Thank you Beachbody and thank you Erin for all your advice and encouragement along the way!

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