Fun and Flexible Letter of the Week Preschool Curriculum

I originally came up with this idea when I pulled Caleb, the first of our five kids, out of traditional preschool in order to homeschool him.  I believe preschool is meant to be about exposure, learning naturally through play, hands-on activities, and pressure free.


This year, I used this program with Joshua, child number four, and documented the process in order to share this with all of you!  He enjoyed it and I’m sure your kids will also.

Letter of the Week Preschool Curriculum

As I said above, preschool should be stress free.  This curriculum is designed to provide a variety of learning activities that will fit your child’s learning style and interests.

preschool curriculum

The Letter of the Week Preschool Curriculum is intended for kids ages 3-5 and includes:


  • 5 preschool worksheets for each letter
  • 2 additional worksheets focused on letter identification
  • A list of book suggestions for each letter
  • Multiple easy and low prep crafts 
  • Dozens of activity ideas with links for even more learning fun

Preschool Worksheets

Some kids are ready for worksheets at an early age and enjoy busy work.  Other kids cannot sit still long enough to complete one.  Allow your child to dictate what works for them!  This is a no pressure age!

I have found worksheets to come in handy with my toddlers because they always want to “do school” with the older ones.  I feel that even if they do not complete the worksheet correctly and just doodle over it, they feel included and stay busy.  A win-win.


The preschool worksheets included in this curriculum focus on the following:

  • Letter identification
  • Fine motor
  • Opposites
  • Colors
  • Shapes
  • Following directions
  • Letter sounds
  • And much more 😉
preschool curriculum printables

Book Suggestions

We all know the importance of reading to our children.  Not only does it provide bonding time, increase vocabulary, encourage a love for reading, but it prepares kids to learn to read themselves.

The book list included in this preschool curriculum has 5-8 titles for each letter (even the difficult ones like X!).  You can easily print it off and take it to your local library.  


Low Prep Craft Ideas

Truth be told, I am not a crafty person.  I wish I was!  Therefore, when creating these crafts for preschoolers I kept them low prep and simple.  I did include multiple links for those who might wish to embrace their crafting skills.  

This curriculum is intended to be flexible and easy on parents or teachers.  We want to provide the best experiences for our preschoolers and often times that means not spending a lot fo time prepping difficult crafts.

preschool curriculum

Letter Activity Ideas

Included with each letter is multiple letter activity ideas.  You will not have to ponder which words begin with that letter and then search for an activity.  I have provided you lots of ideas!  Some of the suggested letter activities include recipes, field trips, videos, science experiments, and more.

To help you understand this better, this is what is what letters A and B look like.

Suggested activities for A:

  • Painting with apples
  • Stacking apples as in 10 Apples Up On Top
  • Eating apples (check out “10 Easy Apple Recipes for Kids” for fun ideas)
  • Johnny Appleseed (check out “25 Books and Activities to Celebrate Johnny Appleseed” for ideas)
  • Go apple picking at a local orchard
  • Study ants
  • Read about alligators
  • Alphabet books
  • Learn about ant eaters
  • Learn about Antarctica and the animals that live there.

Suggested activities for B:

  • Learn about bees
  • Learn about bears, Teddy Grahams would make a great snack
  • Read about bobcats
  • Bible stories
  • Learn about bats
  • Play basketball or baseball
  • Ride bikes
  • Make butter (pour ½ cup of whipping cream into a half pint jar, screw lid on securely and shake until whipping cream thickens into a creamy butter)
  • Make banana cream pie (for an easy dessert, buy a premade graham cracker crust and layer with sliced bananas. Mix a box of vanilla pudding and pour over the bananas.  Whip 1 cup whipping cream with ¼ tsp vanilla and 2 TBS powder sugar until forms peaks. Spoon on top of vanilla pudding. Refrigerate for several hours before eating)
preschool curriculum letter R


Are you a busy homeschool mama trying to teach multiple ages or a dedicated parent wanting to supplement their preschooler’s early education?  This curriculum is for you.  It is also for the preschool teacher who is surrounded by little ones all day and in need of something simple to make the most of the time given her.  

Check out the Letter of the Week Preschool Curriculum and see if it is a good fit for your family 🙂


Heather is a proud mama of five kids, lover of all things chocolate, and passionate about homeschooling.  You can find encouragement for your faith, homeschool, and parenting journeys at Lessons from Home.  Healing from grief is also an important part of her blog as she shares her journey after the loss of her 8 year old daughter.

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