English grammar and language arts was were I struggled in school.  I had a difficult time with spelling words and sounding out new words I didn’t know.  Determined that my girls would have a better understanding than I did, set me on a journey to find a curriculum that would provide a better foundation.

Say this word….. “READ.”

You either said “red” or “reed.”  

Both are correct depending on the context, but why can it be pronounced both ways?  

Growing up I learned the following saying about vowels, “The first one does the talking and the second one does the walking.”

However, if you say, “STEAK,” the long “a” sound is pronounced making that rule no longer valid.


There are other circumstances that also made it difficult for me to explain.  

Why do E and O say their long sound in the word hero? 

Why does C say two different sounds in the word circus?


This is why I struggled so much with English Grammar through my educational years.  Therefore, I knew that I needed a strong Language Arts homeschool curriculum to give my daughters a better understanding and confidence of English Grammar then I had. 

Logic of English has been the best Language Arts Homeschool Curriculum for our family in the early years.  

Along with my daughters, it has taught me the why for each of these words that I should have learned years ago.  Stay to the end and I’ll teach you the why to these questions I posed above as well!  

*This blog will contain affiliate links since we only support the curriculum we use and love!  There is no extra cost to you for using affiliate links.  


What is an English Grammar & Language Arts Program?

A Language Arts Curriculum consists of learning the basic of phonograms used in words, spelling, English Grammar, vocabulary, and handwriting.  This may seem overwhelming if you try to put one together on your own.  

Logic of English has all of these components together in a simple to follow, visually appealing and effective way to teach your child.  My favorite part is that it also teaches phonogram letter combinations instead of sight words and gives rules and explanations for the way a word sounds.  

What is Logic of English?

Logic of English follows the Orton-Gillingham philosophy for teaching language arts.  It consists of 2 programs, Foundations and Essentials.   

Foundations is a complete language arts curriculum geared for 4 – 7 yr olds.  It is broken into 4 books.  Foundations A, B, C, & D.  

Essentials is a spelling, reading, and grammar curriculum for 8 + ages.  There are 3 levels of application in each lesson.  This series can be  used for 3 years of instruction.  

Here is a link for more specifics on the differences between Foundations and Essentials. 

english homeschool curriculum

Why we love Logic of English

  • Short lessons 
  • Game based curriculum
  • Colorful pages
  • Engaging lessons
  • Multi-sensory lessons
  • Fun for student
  • Choice between Cursive or Manuscript (print)
  • Laid out and scripted, easy to follow for the parent
  • Learn spelling rules instead of sight words
  • Lots of review 
  • Also there are resources on how Logic of English helps students with dyslexia.

Basics for English Grammar & Language Arts


Foundations is an English grammar and language arts curriculum that includes a section for Phonemic Awareness, Systematic Phonics, Handwriting, Spelling, Comprehension & Fluency, and Vocabulary & Composition.  

In each book, there are 40 lessons, along with a review lesson at the end of every five lessons.  Therefore, you could potentially get through more than 1 book in a year.  

For our family, we started Foundations A for kindergarten and did 2-3 lessons/week.  Foundations B and about half of Foundations C was 1st grade.  We finished C in 2nd grade and moved onto Foundations D. 

Depending on my child, they worked at different paces so some took longer than others.  Work at the pace of your child and do not focus on “finishing the book.”  Once we finished the Foundations series, we went into the Essentials level.  

Check out their blog on the typical pace for Foundations curriculum

Foundations A

Foundations A includes basic phonogram awareness, short vowel sounds and writing lower case letters.  You do get to choose between cursive and manuscript (print).  They even have a great article on why they suggest you start with cursive 

These lessons take about 20-30 min.  


Foundations B

Foundations B includes short sentences for your student to read, long vowel sounds, schwa sounds, and multi-letter phonograms.  

These lessons take about 30 min.  

Logic of English

Foundations C

Foundations C includes short paragraphs for your student to read, new spelling rules and phonograms and multi-syllable words.  

These lessons take about 30-40 min.  


Foundations D

Foundations D includes mastering basic phonograms, learning advanced phonograms, deepening spelling skills, and reading children’s books.  

These lessons are longer.  They take about 45 min – 1 hour.  Often, I break the lesson in half and just do half in a day.  

It is also helpful to view a full list of the scope and sequence of each book.  

Logic of English

Materials Needed

Each Foundations level has a Teacher’s Manual, that can be used for multiple students throughout the years, and a student guide.  The student workbook has tearaway pages.  However, I did not want all these loose pages.  Therefore, I tore out all the pages, went to Office Max and the spiral bound the whole book for less than $5!  It was an easy way to keep all the pages together, yet easy for my daughter to keep the book open.  

Must Haves for each Foundations Level

There are extras that go along with each level that they recommend.  We did not purchase all of the extras.  Logic of English does offer bundled sets at a discounted price.  I recommend checking out their sales page to see everything they offer and decide what is best for you and your child.  Below I listed the items that you must have, and we used, for each Foundations level.  

homeschool curriculum

For each level, you will need the following:

  • Teacher’s Manual
  • Student Workbook 
  • Basic Phonogram Cards (use for all levels)
  • Phonogram Game Tiles (use for all levels)
  • Custom Student whiteboard (use for all levels) Includes a tall writing line on one side and rows of writing lines on the other.
  • Foundations Readers: 
    • Foundations A Readers are included in student workout, however, you will need to purchase them for levels B, C and D or just make sure you get the bundle that includes these.  
    • Foundations B has an original set of readers and an additional series of Readers called Young Artists.  
    • Foundations C has an original set of readers along with 2 Miles and Jax short chapter book readers.  
    • Foundations D has an original set of readers and it also includes 13 children’s books.  We borrowed these from our local library, however you can purchase them.   


**If you’re not sure what level to start with your child, Logic of English has a Help Me Choose section that will walk you through where your child is currently and what level would be best for them.   


Next Level for English Grammar & Language Arts

Homeschooling english


Essentials is a comprehensive English grammar and language arts program that includes phonemic awareness, systematic phonics, advanced phonograms, spelling, building words, spelling analysis, words in context, grammar, vocabulary, morphemes, dictation and check your understanding within each unit.  


Personally I was blown away when we started learning morphemes.  Morphemes provide clues to the meaning of big words.  They easily help you figure out the definitions of words, which is a component that I often struggled with on ACT/SAT tests.  Now I learned there is a simple process to teach these skills and understanding to children early in their education.  

logic of english

Who’s it for?

Essentials is geared for a child 8 years and older.  

For some, it is the next step after Foundations, or if your child is 8 years old or older, skip Foundations and move right into Essentials.  

Foundations is not a prerequisite, and Essentials volumes includes pre-lessons for prior instruction if Foundations has not been covered.

Each unit in Essentials includes 3 levels depending on your child’s age and ability.  

Which makes it nice for schooling more than one child at a time.   And there is the option to cycle through each volume 3 times, since each level (A, B, C) has its own list for spelling, grammar, morphemes, and dictation.  Therefore your child can advance 3 levels within the same book.  

Level A is geared towards 8 year old / 2nd grade 

Level B targets 3rd – 4th grade

Level C is for 5th grade and above 

Here is the scope and sequence for each level

Homeschooling english

How long does it take?

The Essentials program is broken into 4 volumes/books.  Each volume contains 7 – 8 units with 5 parts of work in each unit.  

Potentially you can finish the whole 4 volume Essentials program in 1 year.  However, we found that each part of work within the unit would sometimes need to be broken down into a couple of days.  Doing it at this pace, would take 2 years to finish all 4 volumes of the Essentials program.  

Daily, we usually spend about 45 min on our Essentials material.  Sometimes we could get through 1 full part, other times we spent 2 days doing 1 part.  On average, it took us 2 weeks to get through 1 unit that includes 5 parts.  

Materials Needed

There are 4 volumes for Essentials.  For each volume, it comes with the teacher’s edition, a consumable student workbook and morpheme cards

Depending on if your child is coming from Foundations, or if you have a struggling reader, they offer are a few bundle sets for Volume 1 with extra materials you may need.  

The student workbook has tearaway pages.  However, I did not want all these loose pages.  Therefore, I tore out all the pages, went to Office Max and the spiral bound the whole book for less than $5!  It was an easy way to keep all the pages together, yet easy for my daughter to keep the book open.

homeschool english

There is the option to purchase the Essentials Reader Set as well. 

The Essentials Reader Set includes the Essentials Reader book, Teacher’s Guide and Student workbook.  This reader set compliments the Essentials work and it is indicated in the unit work when it should be completed.  Because the Essentials volumes are more grammar based, the Essentials Reader focuses on reading comprehension, additional vocabulary and composition.    

essentials reader

Tell me why!!  

Back to our original question in the beginning.  

Is “READ” pronounced as “red” using the short “e” sound or “reed” using the long “e” sound?  

Obviously both are correct depending on the context, but why can it be pronounced both ways?  

Moreover, why is “STEAK” pronounced with the long “a” sound when both words have “ea” in them?


Logic of English teaches phonogram sounds to help sound out words.

In our example, both words, READ and STEAK, have the same vowel combination of “ea.” 

Logic of English teaches that the “ea” combination can actually say 3 different sounds.  It can be pronounced as the short “e” sound, long “e” sound, or long “a” sound.  This is something I never knew!


Now, when a word contains “ea”, we say it with all three sounds to figure out which one is right.  This is one of the many reasons I believe Logic of English is the best Language Arts homeschool curriculum.  


Why do E and O say their long sound in the word hero? 

Vowels usually say their long sounds at the end of the syllable.  


Why does C say two different sounds in the word circus?

C often says it’s second sound, “s”, when followed by an e, i, or y.  


Please share with me below if you thought this blog was helpful or if you have a language arts program you love as well!


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