I want to lose weight, but I don’t want to have to spend money to do it.

Ever wondered why I put so much emphasis on investing in a workout program and Shakeology to get you the weight loss results you’re after? Today I want to tell you why! First, here’s an analogy to get us started.
When you first start feeling sick, come down with a cold, flu, etc. you, like most people, usually take some over the counter daytime medicine, maybe some cough syrup if you’re coughing, extra vitamin C, drink lots of fluids, get more rest, herbal supplements you’ve heard that are suppose to help, hot bath, etc.
But what happens when it doesn’t go away and it only gets worse? Now you’re dealing with the same mess 3 weeks later? Most of us would, at some point, go to the doctor. Why? Because more than likely the doctor will give you some stronger medicine to knock that cold out quick and/or give you something to help get you some relief.
Now you feel like, “Man, I wish I would’ve just gone to the doctor in the first place and not wasted 3 weeks of my life trying to sleep, and work like this!” You went to an expert, someone who’s trained, has experience in that field, and can give you the results you were looking for.
Most people who set out to “start eating healthy” and/or want to “lose some weight” usually don’t have training in the field of health and fitness. That’s normal. What they end up doing is going on google/FB/pinterest/instagram and start looking up some healthy meal ideas and some workout tips.
When people first start out, they’re really into, and they find time to get new recipes and workout. However at about 3 weeks in is usually when someone in the house gets sick, someone has to work extra hours on the job, lots of kids activities start up, vacation, holidays, birthday parties, injury, kids aren’t napping, you get tired of looking for new recipes, you’re not seeing any progress on the scale, you thought it would be easier, etc. Whatever the “reason” is, you get side tracked from your goal. Again, this is all normal. But now you feel like a failure and you begin to think “Well this is just the way life is and how I’m going to look so I better just get use to it.”


If you’ve never been trained in health and fitness and you want to see some results in healthier eating habits and weight loss success, why wouldn’t you seek out someone who has been trained, has experience, and seen results in this area of their life?
**Just like you would see a doctor if your cold didn’t get better!
ONLY now I’m telling you, don’t waste the first 3 weeks of you life and then have this feeling of failure!
better by change
Why am I telling you this? I have been an aerobic instructor and personal trainer for 5 years before I had my first daughter.  I thought I was in good shape and was relatively happy with the way I looked.  Then after I had my oldest I decide to do ChaLean Extreme.
I honestly wasn’t expecting anything different than what I looked like before I was pregnant.  Oh humble me thought I knew what I was doing.  Then after ChaLean I dropped 10 more pounds than my pre-pregnancy weight and I was comfortably fitting into clothes 2 sizes smaller!  I was wearing clothes/sizes smaller than what I wore in high school!
The Beachbody workout programs are PROVEN to get results! Not just because the infomercial says that, but because I’ve experienced it! I’m actually in the ChaLean Extreme infomercial because of the results I’ve had. Insanity has totally increased my cardio vascular endurance, TurboFire and Combat continually challenge me.
When a workout program is put together, there is a ton of research that goes behind the types of exercises, the order they should be in, why you should put two exercises together, the weight lifting technique, the cardio intervals, intensity level, etc. They have the time to to run tests groups to be able to GUARANTEE results. Isn’t that what you want when you’re working out?


Let me tell you what Shakeology has done for me. It has helped me changed my eating habits for the better. My body now craves healthier food, I feel “yucky” when I eat something greasy/fast food, it keeps me full, it’s the only thing I can drink on a daily basis for breakfast without getting sick of it, I LOVE it because it’s my chocolate treat that I can feel good about. And honestly, having a Chocolate Peanut Butter Shakeology tastes better than any milkshake I’ve ever had! (And that’s saying a lot from me!)
Here’s something I hear a lot, “Isn’t Shakeology just a fancy, more expensive protein shake?” That’s a GREAT question!
Here’s an analogy for you. If Shakeology is the WHOLE salad, then protein powder is just the crouton.
What does this mean? Shakeology has protein powder in it, but that is only 1 of the 70 + ingredients. It also has the nutritional value of fruits, veggies, vitamins, amino acids and more!
You might not necessarily “see/feel” a difference, but your body will know the difference.
You may think I’m crazy but Shakeology is proven to reduce the cholesterol, it’s full of vitamins, helps with weight loss (because it’s low calorie and full of protein – keeps you full), helps with your energy level and did I mention it’s the healthiest meal of the day?
Here is a video on Shakeology that explains all the benefits and all of the nutritional value in one glass of Shakeology.
This is also why I’m so passionate about people who are SERIOUS about their weight loss / healthy eating invest in a workout program and Shakeology. Because if you’re not seeing results you get frustrated, quit, feel lost because you’re not sure what they should do at the gym, your workouts aren’t intense enough, you’re not sure why their random scheduling of workouts aren’t producing results, etc.
I want to provide you with something that I know WILL work.  Plus you have me and 4 other people in a challenge group who want to help keep you accountable!
Are you ready to COMMIT? If so, send me an email at Erin4Fitness@gmail.com or find me on Facebook and let’s talk!

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