EAT PROTEIN within an hour after you workout. This helps with muscle soreness, replenishes your body and during this time your muscles are more “open” to receive nutrients.
Some good protein suggestions: low fat cottage cheese/string cheese/sliced cheese, beans (black, kidney, etc), eggs, tuna, chicken, pork, turkey, almonds, greek yogurt, protein bar, protein shake, Shakeology
Honestly, my favorite meal of the day is Shakeology. I have it for breakfast. It keeps me full, tastes great and it’s chocolate!  It has helped me with my weight loss, keeps up my energy and maintaining my weight loss.
Also a GREAT sweet treat for after lunch/dinner or a before-bed snack! I LOVE having these around. Helps me from going for the ice cream at night.  This is such a quick, simple weight loss tip that will help you out.
Chalene’s Shakeology Balls IMG_0224
1 cup Quick Oats
1 cup Chocolate PB2 powder (where do I find PB2?)
1/2 cup Natural Peanut Butter
1/2 – 3/4 cup Unsweetened Apple Sauce
1 Scoop or package of Chocolate Shakeology
honey to taste to sweeten
If too crumbly, add more apple sauce.
The following are estimates because nutrition depends on the size & the exact ingredients you use:
~ 80 calories per ball
~ 4 g of fat
~ 4 g protein
Makes ~12-15 balls
Use a cookie sheet covered with wax paper. The best way to make these into “balls” is to use your 1 Tablespoon measuring scoop. Take a heaping scoop with that, “round” out the top and drop it on the wax paper. Continue until you use all the mix!
Put into freezer (best when they’ve been in freezer for about 2hrs or overnight). Ready to eat straight from the freezer (may take 1-2 minutes to thaw enough to eat).
Would you like to try a free sample of Shakeology? If so, email me at with ‘Free Sample’ in the subject line.
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