Disease doesn’t exist.
Constipation today, colon cancer tomorrow.
Insomnia now, a major heart attack someday.
A limp dick tonight, a stroke down the line.

Do I have your attention now??? All of these statements came from Darin Olien in his book Superlife. And this was just in the introduction! (which I usually don’t read in books!)

What he’s pointing out here is that people think it’s “normal” to have aches, pains, recurring headaches, heartburn, lack of energy, etc. And really they’re early warning signs of something seriously bad in the future! There are lots of things we can do to prevent ill health!

When I was only 70 pages into this book, and was already recommending it to EVERYONE I know!!
If you want to truly learn how to take care of the Ferrari you’ve been given (a reference you’ll understand in the book 😉 ), you want to do your BEST to PREVENT disease, and heal your body holistically. This is your guide on how to go that!!

Things that BLEW my mind:
Water – we all know it’s important, but Darin really gets into the nitty gritty about how not all water is actually good for you!

BREATHING! Something we take for granted, our oxygen, and just why it’s so important!

Protein Myths – I’ve been eating chicken 2 times/day thinking it was ‘healthy.’ After you read this book, you’ll probably think twice about that!

The difference between being Alkaline and the Acidity in our bodies and how it all relates to the most common diseases we face!!

Eat something raw with every meal!

Eat 70/30 Meaning, 70% veggies and 30% other foods like fruit, seeds, nuts, whole grain, beans

Some of my favorite tips from Darin in his book:
* What should our daily food intake include??
RAW vegetables, a VARIETY of WHOLE, healthy, fresh, plant based food!!
Your choice to choose it or ignore it.

* “It’s too expensive to eat healthy.”
Why is it more socially acceptable to give your money to the pharmacist and doctor (reacting to sickness) than it is your farmer or grocer (preventing it)?
Either way you’re going to end up paying. Who are you going to CHOOSE to pay?
“If eating good, clean food to keep you healthy isn’t worth our money, what is?”

* Every bite you take is a DECISION!
Ask yourself, “Will this food nourish me, will it deliver something needed to my cells, will it enhance my well-being?”

* If an alien came to observe how we manage our nutritional life, he would come to one conclusion: That a lot of humans have no interest in being healthy. He’d think we’re ok with heart disease, cancer, diabetes, arthritis, don’t mind indigestion, obesity, dry skin, achy joints, flabby bellies, etc.
Especially because when we do get sick, we call in the Big Guns…. Medicine….
It’s the solution we’ve come to expect and trust.

But the awakening is this… Medicines don’t cure us. If they did, we’d stop taking them. What they do is mask the symptoms. Treat the disease but not the person and the nutritional deficiency. Drugs allow us to live without changing our habits and fixing what’s really wrong.

We may eat poorly and not exercise, but we can still be “ok” as long as we have our medicine. We’re willing to pay more to treat an illness with drugs, than to avoid it with food.

* Our kids. We want the best for them right?
We take them to their annual doctor check up, get them the best car seat, make sure they’re in a good preschool/school, we do whatever to ensure they will be healthy and successful.
…. And then we feed them.

Just look at a kids menu at a restaurant. It’s filled with mac and cheese, grilled cheese, fried chicken nuggets, hot dogs, hamburgers, chocolate milk. All junk for their bodies that will affect how healthy they are in the inside.
Now I get it, we don’t eat at a restaurant every day of the week, but how does the food you do prepare them stack up? Are you making yourself a healthy dinner and then something else that you kids will eat?

Let’s be practical, having these foods once in awhile is not the issue (though according to the book I’m reading, the author might argue that way!). It’s the compound effect of having these foods REGULARLY and over a long period of time that will catch up with them when they’re adults.

We don’t want our kids making poor decisions in their life, letting them watch TV or play video games all day or stay up too late. We take pride in limiting screen time and getting them to bed on time. Why not also for the way we feed and nourish our kids?

* Which of these have you heard or said:
“I don’t want to drink my food.”
“I’m just going to get all of my nutrition from ‘real’ food.”
“I want to be able to lose weight without supplements.”

Anytime I hear these phrases or some like them, it’s a good indication that the person probably hasn’t done their research on proper nutrition. And I’m not talking about the “I want to lose weight” nutrition. I’m talking about let’s get real about what’s going on in our insides nutrition, the mindset of ‘let’s get healthy to PREVENT disease’ (which means the fat you want to lose, will come off in the process)!

And do you know why? Supplementation is NOT replacement!
To get the proper nutrition that your body requires and needs to fight disease is to get as much of your nutrition from fresh, whole foods, coming right from the ground. No pesticides, no toxins, all organic. That means you’re eating mostly raw fruits and veggies. If that doesn’t make up a MAJORITY of what you eat DAILY, then you need supplements!

The biggest ones you need to ADD INTO your daily intake are:
– Superfoods (extremely nutrient dense)
– Vitamin D (one of the most powerful cancer fighting elements – another reason for me to move south and be out in the sun more 🙂 )
– Vitamin B (important for building blood, maintaining nervous system, and energy production)
– Enzymes (they make every single biochemical reaction in our bodies happen)
– Probiotics (improve ailments like irritable bowel, high cholesterol, hypertension and depression)
– Essential Fatty Acids (formation of cell membranes, tissues of the brain and nervous system)
– Protein (for a healthy source get vegan protein powder)
– Sulfur (transports nutrients in and out of cells, reduce joint pain and inflammation)
– Greens (increase detoxification, balance acidity and alkalinity, lower inflammatory response and boost immune system.)

Reasons you will LOVE this book!!
– When you know better, you’ll do better!!
– Darin provides the scientific and specifics for how our bodies work, how what we eat affects our bodies and the research to support it.
– He provides a list of what foods to get rid of in your pantry and what foods to restock it with.
– There are lists of foods for good sources of protein, minerals, vitamins, alkalizing food, fiber, detoxifying food, antioxidants, anti-inflammatory foods, prebiotics, probiotics, immune system support, good for your brain, energy, joints, superfoods and MORE!!
– A FULL 10 day eating plan!
– The end of every chapter (and a full list at the end of the book) includes a list of Simple Fixes for you to know how and what to start implementing!
– Alkaline and Acid list
– Retailers to find quality Superfoods, herbs, spices, markets and more!

If you want to follow Darin and learn more from him, find him on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or blog.

Thank you to HarperCollins Publishing for giving me this AMAZING opportunity to read and review this book!! I’m SO GRATEFUL that I had this chance!!!

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