CALLING ALL PARENTS who now SCHOOL their children at home due to social distancing!!!

If you’re freaking out about this new adventure of doing school at home, you are not alone.  This is exactly how I felt before we started to homeschool our children.


Here are my tips (with brutal honesty)


1️⃣ You CAN do this!!!

It’s not always going to be easy, your kids will drive you nuts, BUT I promise you, this journey will be TOTALLY worth it.

Don’t have enough patience?
Me either. You will yell. It’s ok. Once you calm down just ask for forgiveness. Let them know you’re human too!



2️⃣ Have a schedule!

Share it with the kids in the morning. They are use to a schedule and having one will help keep the peace!

We have a magnetic dry erase board that hangs on the fridge. I write out the schedule for the day, what each kid has to do for school, chores, etc.  If you need more specifics, here is my Youtube video on Homeschool Routine & Schedules.

3️⃣ Break activities up into 30 min chunks.

It’s helpful for them to have structure to detour the, “I’m bored” every 2 min.
Here are some ideas:

🙏🏻Devotion / Bible time / prayer

📚School work – Not sure what to do?  You’ll find our curriculum in my blog.  

🎉Play time with each other – building forts

🏕Play time WITH YOU – I suggest games, getting outside, legos

🎨Painting / coloring

📝Creative writing – tell them to write letters to their future self about all that’s currently going on

📕Book time


💃🏻Dance party – Just Dance, Spotify is great (& free) for them to choose their own music

🧹Chores – YES give them chores! That’s why you had kids. At least that’s what my mom told me when I was a kid!

🙉Separate alone play / reading time – they will NEED this, and so will you!

📺TV time – Set the expectation of the amount of time at the beginning of the day. If you have Netflix, try the Who Was Show

🍽Have them help you with dinner


4️⃣ Schedule eating times….

This may sound funny, but you’re quickly about to learn about 2nd breakfast ?.

I’m telling you, you will spend ALL DAY in the kitchen if you don’t. Kids are ALWAYS hungry, especially right before it’s time to do school/chores.

I tell my girls, “This is last call for breakfast, get it now, or wait until lunch time.”
Don’t get my wrong, we still eat every 3 hours, but this at least gives me a couple of hours of productive time with them. ?


Our day does NOT look like a normal school day. Oh and PJs are the uniform ?

My kids PLAY for a lot of the day!

Their school work is broken up into little chunks of time.

If they show in interest in something, google it, find videos on it, and EXPLORE IT!


Are you a parent who also works from home and trying to figure out how to balance both work and school?  Here is a great blog on Kids daily schedule for working moms.


If you need support, don’t hesitate to reach out!



Need Educational Resources to help you on your journey?! 

Want to start homeschooling your child, but not sure where to start? 

Check out 13 Questions / Concerns to consider when starting to Homeschool

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