Being thrown into doing school at home can be overwhelming.  It was for me!  We have now been homeschooling since 2015, but I remember being terrified in the beginning, and I was a former high school math teacher.


I choose this, most of you did not.  So I can imagine how lost you may feel.  That’s why I compiled a list of resources that will make it EASY to school at home, WITHOUT feeling like you need to school all day long or know all the state standards for your child to be successful.

5 Tips to help parents that recently found themselves schooling their children at home!

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Overall Curriculum Guide to help school at home

This one will have the most information because I truly believe it will be easy for you to use, it doesn’t take a ton of time and ALL your children can learn it together even if they’re not the same age. 


Traditionally, Classical Conversations is a full year curriculum program that includes a weekly community day for homeschool families.  Obviously, the community day is not happening right now. 

However, the resources will help tremendously.  This is a curriculum where you can plug into at anytime and feel confident your child will be learning all they need to know.

Classical Conversations curriculum app will cover 24 weeks of memory work for Math, Latin, Science, English, Timeline, History and Geography.

Classical Conversations app for iPhone/iPad

Classical Conversations app for Android

There are 3 Cycles of curriculum you can choose from.  

  • Cycle 1 theme – Ancient Kingdoms
  • Cycle 2 theme – Medieval to Modern
  • Cycle 3 theme – United States 

You only need to choose one.  Currently, we are in Cycle 2.  

The app is about $15.  

How to implement to school at home:

Open the app and start at week 1.  (Focus on each week for 1 traditional school week and then move onto the next week.)

Day 1 – Go through each subject in week 1 about 7 times to help your student memorize it.  (This will take no longer than 30 min)

For the rest of the week, review the material until your student can repeat it back to you.  By the last day of the week, they will know most of it the first time and finish quickly.

The following week, move onto the next week material and review up to the past 6 weeks material.

When we do this memory work at home, my girls are usually moving around.  They dance, do gymnastics, have instruments out to play along.  This does NOT have to be a sit down activity.  Plus they love to use the app and pick which subjects we do next.  In fact, they usually end up looking through other weeks as well just for fun!

The beauty with this is children memorize very easily AND my girls LOVE the songs that go with it.  There are songs to go with the History, Math, Latin within the app. 

Conveniently, the Timeline Song broken down week by week in this YouTube Playlist(choose the first video and it will play continuously through the whole song.)

To find songs for the other subjects, head over to YouTube, type in “CC Cycle 2 English Week _” or the title of the material being covered and you should be able to find something!  

If you want to go more in-depth on some of these subjects, there are plenty of resources in Google that will help you expand on this information with your child.   

Along with this curriculum, supplement with math and English. 

School at home – Specific suggestions categorized by subject.

There are some affiliate links and that’s because I truly love what I share!


Math Seeds

Kahn Academy – Free resources for math

Right Start Math – As a former math teacher, I LOVE this math program.  If you’re just jumping into schooling your child for the end of the year, I can understand if spending money on a curriculum is not something you want to do.  However, it is super easy for the parent to plug into.  They tell you exactly what to do and it will be TOTALLY worth it for your child!

Check out my blog on the benefits of Right Start Math.


 **If you want to check into this program, I can help you figure out where your child should start!


Reading Eggs

Phonics app game

We use Logic of English for our English curriculum and LOVE IT!  However, knowing you’re picking up in the middle of a school year, I’m not sure if you want to invested in a full curriculum.  Here is the Logic of English Youtube Channel.  They have many resources you can learn from.

 **If you want to check into this program, here is my full review on Logic of English!


Story of the World books & Audio – There are 4 books in this series that cover history.  We usually get the audio books from the library.  My girls like to listen to the stories.

CrashCourse – YouTube videos cover Science, History, Literature, Aritifical Intelligence, Engineering, Theatre & Drama, Sociology, Statistics


Bill Nye videos – we usually get them from the library

National Geographic for Kids

CrashCourse – YouTube videos cover Science, History, Literature, Aritifical Intelligence, Engineering, Theatre & Drama, Sociology, Statistics

Kahn Academy – free online learning



Art Teacher Cassie

Art and Design Learning at home


Get your kids moving!!  Here are some great resources!


Koo Koo Kanga Roo – click on the Youtube link at the top

Jack Hartman Kids Music Channel

Just Dance

The Learning Station

Cosmic Kids Yoga

Beachbody on Demand – partner workouts, dancing, kickboxing


Indescribable: 100 Devotions for Kids About God and Science

Studio 252 – from here, click on Fun 2 Watch. There are 4 options of short videos for the kids. My girls LOVE these!

The Bible Project – I haven’t had time to watch any of these, but they were recommended to me!

Other resources to guide your journey:


I hope this inspires you and helps you along this new journey with your children!  Please let me know if you use the resources and SHARE with a friend!

– Erin

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