Isn’t it just another protein shake?

I always thought Slim Fast, Boost shakes, really any shake that people used for weight loss was ridiculous. There is no such thing as a shake that will make you lose weight. If you want to lose weight, you need to eat right and exercise! 

And that’s where Shakeology comes in. It’s not about weight loss, it’s about being HEALTHY!

Shakeology helps me fuel my body with the proper nutrition to help me get through my workouts, gives me energy, keeps me full and it tastes great! It’s my chocolate treat that I don’t feel guilty about!

Let me be clear, Shakeology is NOT a magic pill that will make you lose weight.

Shakeology is a healthy food option, just like fruit and veggies are a healthy food option. The difference is Shakeology has much more nutritional value.

Truthfully, it keeps me full, it tastes great and it’s my chocolate treat without feeling guilty! It’s full of protein, fruits, veggies, vitamins, to help me “fill” in the gaps when I don’t get the suggested 6-8 servings/day. It’s my daily dose of dense nutrition.


The reason I’m so passionate about Shakeology is because I know how beneficial it has been for me. After having two kids, I completed the same workout program each time. The only difference, after baby #2, I drank Shakeology along with it. It helped me because it was giving me the nutrition my body needed!  Therefore it kept me full, I ate less food, and replenished my body with the nutrients it so badly craved!  

My results…. more weight loss and small size clothes than after baby #1!


protein shake

Is there a difference between Shakeology and protein powder?

This is a question I hear ALL the time and it’s a GREAT question!

Let me give you an analogy first.  If Shakeology is the WHOLE salad, then protein powder is just the crouton.

What does this mean?

Shakeology has protein powder in it, but that is only 1 of the 70 + ingredients. It also has the nutritional value of fruits, veggies, vitamins, amino acids and more!  You might not necessarily “see/feel” a difference, but your body will FEEL a difference!!! 

Ready to change your health and try Shakeology TODAY?

If you’re looking for help and guidance along your fitness journey, but sure to plug into our online fitness and nutrition accountability groups!

Looking forward to being on this health journey with you!

– Erin

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