Hey I get it, you’re skeptical about Shakeology.  I was too!  But seriously, it has CHANGED my life!  I now have a healthy, nutrient dense breakfast that’s chocolate, keeps me full AND tastes great 🙂  But don’t just take my word for it.  Here are some testimonials I’ve gathered for you!

Feb 2016

Hello there! My name is Angela and I got to know Erin through social media and really loved her energy, not to mention the fact that she was a work at home mom, like me, and all of her cute pics of her girls. When I first heard about BeachBody in August of 2015 I was really interested. Before my son was born last September, and all during my pregnancy I had done BodyPump and loved the challenge, but after I was at home with my son, getting to the gym was a struggle. So when Erin presented a Challenge Group, I was all for it! I was feeling sluggish, even though I had lost my pregnancy weight, and not strong, and just really really really tired. So I jumped on, LOVED Shakeology and casting the workouts to my TV was awesome, my son would watch Mommy work out and dance and we had a blast. But I wasn’t losing weight and was still feeling SUPER tired. I felt like a failure in our Challenge as well, everyone else was posting about how great they felt and I was feeling like I got hit by a bus. 

Well, it turns out I was almost 12 weeks pregnant! Hilarious, right!?! But here’s the great part, at 6.5 months pregnant, I still have Shakeology almost every single day! I am convinced it is the healthiest thing to put in my body (my whole family loves it, yes, even my 17 month old) and it has helped curb cravings for junk. And since I seriously, already feel like I escaped SeaWorld, I have times where I am not that hungry, but I know that the shakes are great, and they help me make sure I have vitamins and nutrients, along with my healthy meals. In short, Shakeology is really for any and every lifestyle; and if you are sitting on the fence about making a change or a commitment to doing just one thing to improve how you feel, I guarantee that a Chocolate Banana Peanut Butter Shakeology will make you the happiest person on earth, 28 weeks pregnant or not! FYI, I cannot wait to have this baby so I can get back in on another Challenge Group. 

Thanks for reading, and have a chocolatey day!  
Angela Seto
Jan 2016
Sarah –
“I have been drinking Shakeology in the afternoons, when I usually crave sweets. It is my “pick me up” and keeps me full until dinner! Also, my blood sugar has been SO stable since starting the program, and that feels amazing!   I love reading about all of the health benefits, too. Going to share this with my husband and friends!”
Courtney – 
“This is by far the biggest benefit I have received of Shakeology! When I drink Shakeology regularly, I pass up office cookies, muffins, birthday cake, etc. without a second thought. Doesn’t even phase me because it doesn’t even look, smell or sound good to me. I love that!”
Alexandra – 
“I am finding my body is rejecting food that is not good for you haha I feel good after drinking shakeology and eating well! I am being conditioned :)”
Heather – 
“I have started drinking Cafe Latte mixed with a bit of chocolate Shakeo, and have noticed that after drinking that for breskfast, I have zero interest in drinking my daily Starbucks. The flavor tricks my taste buds into thinking its had its coffee. Saving me $$$!!!!”
Elizabeth – 
“I definitely notice that when I have Shakeology for breakfast I am not very hungry until almost lunch! Huge difference compared to when I have a muffin or cereal for breakfast!”
April 2015
Courtney –
“Anyone who knows me knows I am a skeptic that doesn’t trust anyone and knows everything. Occasionally, I am humbled. About 4 months ago I tried Shakeology for a little over a month. I was training for a half marathon and lifting weights, so I figured the extra nutrition couldn’t hurt. After just a couple of weeks of drinking Shakeology every day, as a supplement to my healthy diet, I quickly began to see improvements in my fitness. I was able to lift heavier weights fairly quickly. I shaved about a minute off of my pace and ran my fastest miles.
When the supply ran out, I went back to my normal routine. I kept running and lifting, kept eating right, kept everything the same. About a month later, my running began to slow and my feet hurt in the mornings. I had to push myself to run again. Something wasn’t right. I was getting weak and I needed a break.
As I recover from a stress fracture, I’ve had the time to evaluate my training and nutrition. While it could be coincidence, I cannot help but think Shakeology had something to do with the progress I had been making before my injury.
For the month of May, I am going to re-commit to Shakeology. I am excited to test my theory and cannot wait to see what it will do for me this time around!
I know most of you don’t have plans to run a ton of miles, but if you’d like to shed some winter weight, improve your strength or flexibility or just feel a bit more energized and focused, I’d like to challenge you to give this a whirl with me!”

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