People ask me “How heavy is heavy?” Here’s my answer, it does depend on the exercise and if you’re doing upper and lower body together or seperate.

Let me give you some examples. In the first 4-6 weeks you do an upper and lower body part together. Like squats and bicep curls, or lunges and a back row, deadlift and an overhead press, etc. So for those exercises you’d pick the weight amount based on the upper body exercise. You lift 1 set btw 10-12 reps. The idea is that at 12 reps, you shouldn’t be able to lift 13!

So for biceps I use either 12 or 15lbs (when I talk about weight amounts, it’s the weight in each hand), for back rows I use 15lbs, for overhead press I use 15lbs. The only upper body exercise I go a little lighter is a lateral raise. I use 8 or 10lbs.

For the second phase (max) you do an upper body by itself and then a lower body by itself. In this phase you only like 6-8 reps and you lift heavier! So when I do biceps I start with 20lbs! But may only be able to do 6. For overhead press, I use 20lbs, same for back row. For a lateral raise I’d use 10 or 12 lbs. For squats/lunges, I’ve used 20lb, 25lb, and even 30lbs!

Lifting Heavy weights helped me lose a dress size and a half to get me into smaller jeans!

**5lb of muscle weighs the same as 5lb of fat, what I meant was that muscles takes up LESS space than fat. Specifically, muscle takes up 2/3 less space than fat.

Secrets to losing weight:

  • Lift Heavy Weights
  • Upper Body
  • Lower Body
  • # of reps

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