For me, it seems like my kids always want to eat!  That’s why I need to have an easy, go-to list of healthy snacks for kids.   

But I want quick snacks.  I’m not about to do anything fancy, like a fruit kabob, when I can just cut up a bunch of fruit and cheese and put it on a plate!  If it’s something they can get themselves, even better!

Also, I want something healthy that will keep them full and not running back to me in an hour.  Which means, I focus on protein, fruits and veggies for a snack.  I do my best to skip the carbs like pretzels, crackers, bread, chips, because I know it won’t keep them full.  


Here are some of our favorite, quick, go-to snacks for kids:

Fruit – apples, bananas, clementines, strawberries, grapes are our favorites!

Frozen Banana slices – we keep some in the fridge

Apples/ Bananas with peanut butter

Apples / baby carrots / cheese – sounds crazy, but makes a great combination

Applesauce – get unsweetened

Avocado slices

Veggies – Get dip for raw veggies, carrots, broccoli, peppers, etc!  Ranch or Hummus will do.

We also cook up veggies once a week because my kids prefer cooked veggies.  So we steam broccoli, green beans, carrots, sweet potatoes, roast cauliflower, and bake and puree butternut squash.  Then we have it easily on hand in the fridge to take out.

Cheese slices, cheese sticks

Cheese and pepperoni / sausage / deli meat – one of my daughters cuts a cheese stick and stacks it with pepperoni.  You can even add it to crackers.

Beachbars – snack bar that’s good for them and tastes like a treat!  And it’s an easy one I keep in my purse!

Daily Sunshine smoothie drink – powdered mix filled with protein, fruit and veggies


Cottage Cheese

Hard Boiled Eggs

Easy scrambled eggs in the microwave

Instant Oatmeal

Nuts – almonds, peanuts, cashews
*mix in a bag for trail mix and you can even add in M&M’s, Cherrios, dried cranberries or fruit.  


Other tips when doing Snacks for Kids:

Don’t let the kitchen be open all day long. 

Let your kids know when eating times will be throughout the day.  

When you want breakfast/lunch/snack time to be over, tell your kids, “This is last call for breakfast/lunch/snack.  You won’t be able to have food until lunchtime/ snack time / dinner at _______.” 
And tell them when that will be.  I would make no more than 3  – 3.5 hours between eating time. 

I hope this gives you some healthy snack suggestions your kids will actually eat!  And helps you feel like you’re not in the kitchen all day long!

Also, tell me in the comments, what are your kids favorite snacks that I missed on my list?

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