Navigating Health, Home Life and Homeschooling

HI! I’m Erin.

I’m so glad your here!

My purpose is to help guide other moms with their health & fitness journey, along with helping homeschool moms get started on their homeschool adventure. 

I am on a mission to help moms feel confident in their own skin, have a positive relationship with their body image and learn a healthy way to balance nutrition and exercise to pass onto their children. 

For homeschool moms, my passion is to encourage them along the journey, understanding that not everyday is easy, but totally worth it as you’re pouring into the life of your child. 

If you’re looking for support, encouragement and community, you found the right place!


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Get to know Me!

Looking back over my life, I can see how God has orchestrated and been in all the details of my life.  Especially in meeting the man who would become my husband! I have an amazing husband and we have been blessed with 3 wonderful girls.    

Before having kids I was a high school math teacher and I taught fitness classes on the side to ensure I would be exercising regularly.  My weight was always something I felt I was working on.  I went through may fad diets during my college years, and obviously, none of them worked or had lasting results. Needless to say, when I got pregnant for the first time, I was really worried about being able to take off the baby weight.  Once our daughter was born, I started a weight lifting workout program that was a GAME CHANGER for me.  Much to my surprise, after following this program and learning proper nutrition, I was in the BEST shape of my life!  I wanted to share this with every mom I knew!  I wanted them to feel confident, comfortable in their skin and feel good about themselves! 

That experience fueled my excitement as I continued my fitness journey and building an online fitness business.

Once our girls got older, we also decided to homeschool our girls.  Again, one of these divine God moments in our life.  My mom started having this conversation with me as soon as I was pregnant with our first.  At the time, my husband and I wanted nothing to do with it.  But the Lord worked on our hearts, and by the time she was to enter 1st grade, we decided to try it.  I’m SO GLAD we did.  It’s been one of the biggest blessings in our life!

Not every day is easy, but for our family, this is the path we know God is leading it and I’m so thankful for this journey! 

Random Fun Facts About Me

◻️ I love working out, reading, chocolate, traveling and the beach!

◻️ I’m very energetic and passionate.

◻️ I studied abroad in England for a semester in college.  While there, I visited 4 other European countries and went paragliding over the Swiss Alps.

◻️ I love to tumble and do gymnastics.

◻️ I enjoy performing, whether it be on stage or on video.

◻️ Calculus is my favorite subject in math!  (Check out my Caluclus Youtube channel)

◻️ I love watching romantic comedies even though the story is always the same.  

◻️ Gilmore Girls and Veronica Mars are two of my all time favorite shows.  

Connect with Me!

I am here to listen, answer your questions, and be a supportive friend. Connect with me by email or social media. I can’t wait to hear from you!

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"I just wanted to tell you how encouraging and inspiring you are! I love watching your videos and always come away more inspired than before. Thank you for sharing and being real.??"


"You are AMAZING!! I love these videos!!! You have the best mindset and attitude too!!"

Cindy Mullins Yanuck

"@eringrieger I am so thankful for you!!! I would not be where I am if I hadn't let you in my life. Thank you for showing me there is a better way of life. That where I live and how everyone around me lives does not have to be my life. "

Rachel Ferguson

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