So many times we just want to see that number on the scale GO DOWN! We don’t care how it goes down, if we got sick and lost weight, had to have a procedure that “flushed” us out, etc, it can just be gratifying when that scale goes down!
However, what you’re REALLY looking for is FAT loss. Not just weight loss. Because weight loss could be water or muscle too. And we don’t want that!

The best way to burn FAT is to build MUSCLE!

I know, especially for women, there’s a myth that if you lift weights you’ll get big and bulky. That won’t happen for women because we don’t have the hormones to “bulk” up.
When you begin lifting weights you may actually see the scale go up at first. Don’t worry (easier said than done huh?). You’ll build muscle first and muscle will burn the fat.
5lbs of fat weighs the same as 5lbs of fat.

HOWEVER muscles is more dense than fat. Which means muscle takes up LESS space than fat. In fact 2/3 LESS space!! (see picture)
Take two women, each who weigh 150lbs. If woman A has more MUSCLE than woman B, woman A will wear a SMALLER size in clothes, will look younger and more fit.
This is why sometimes the scale is NOT a good fat indicator. In terms of the scale, these woman would be “the same.” However, looking at them, size of their clothes, would tell a much different story!


“Try” not to stress too much about the number on the scale when you’re working out regularly and lifting weights! Pay more attention to HOW YOU FEEL, and HOW YOUR CLOTHES FIT!

So how do you figure out if what you lost was actually FAT?

Well you could use the body fat indicators. However, they’re only as accurate as the user. In my personal training course they said it took, on average, about 100 times of use to make it accurate. So I’m a little leery of the accuracy.
You can go to a place where they dunk you in water to check your body fat. But really, who has time for that?
What I suggest is that every 30 days you use 3 tools to give yourself a good well rounded view of your FAT loss. I suggest you do weigh yourself, take your measurements and TAKE PICTURES!
I know you may not want to see the pictures you take now. That’s ok, you don’t have to look at them or show others. However, you’ll want them as you progress along your fitness journey!
There have been months for me that the scale didn’t move, only lost a few inches, but my pictures had a HUGE difference!
I have an excel spreadsheet all set for you to record your measurements. Email me at and ask for the measurement chart and I’ll send it to you!
Keep me posted on your progress and don’t forget to sign up for my email updates!

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