Do the words really matter?  Will our kids really respond better to positive, virtue words instead of the negative?

My husband and I have been taking a parenting class from Growing Families International, which I HIGHLY recommend because it has been such a blessing for our family.

One of the encouraging things I learned was to focus on the positive words instead of the negative and it’s really been helping. Here are some examples.

Now I’m not saying you’re never going to use the word “don’t”. It does have a proper place. However, if you can teach your children to focus on the positive, it will help with a better outlook and more positive behavior.

 From Growing Families International, “What Virtues Do: Virtues contained within a person’s moral warehouse are the cumulative assets of his or her character. Behaviors controlled by vice words and activities reflect the deficit of character. Although moral deficits are the default within human nature, every habit of vice, can be replaced with a life-giving habit virtue.”

If these charts are helpful to you, I encourage you to print them off and share them on Pinterest!

Comment below as well, I’d love to hear which has been your favorite!!  

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