Men and women definitely need to lift weights.  But this article is more geared towards women.  Muscle is what will give you a nice toned look.  Plus, did you know that muscle burns fat?  Yes that’s true.  So, as a woman your muscles will get “tighter” and more condensed.  Here’s my video on lifting weights.
Another fun fact: Muscle takes up 2/3 LESS space than fat!  Which means, while 1 lb of fat = 1 lb of muscle, it doesn’t take up the same amount of space.   For example, take two women both at 140lbs.  If woman A has more muscle than woman B, she’ll actually wear a smaller size in clothes!!
This also means that you can’t always just focus on the scale to tell you how much “fat” you’ve lost.  Most people say they want to lose weight.  Actually you want to lose fat.  Because if you’re gaining muscle and losing fat, the scale might not move like you want it to, but you’ll be wearing a smaller size!  My suggestion: Weigh yourself once a week, same clothes/day of week/time.  AND take your measurements once a month b/c the scale isn’t always the best indicator of fat loss.  You’ll want to know how many inches you’ve lost!  Take pictures of yourself monthly too.  Wear the same clothes and put them on the frig next to each other.  Show yourself that you CAN do it!
From personal experience, NOTHING changed my body like lifting heavy weights.  It’s what helped me drop 10 more pounds then my pre-pregnancy weight and got me in the size of clothes that I wore as a high school freshmen!
Here’s my transformation that landed me in the newest infomercial for ChaLean Extreme.
Here is the workout program that I used for my transformation:
ChaLean Extreme
I hope this helps!  Click HERE if you need some weight lifting ideas!
Please email me with any questions.

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